Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Vain pot Wednesday

I really really love smooth legs :)

miso: Doesn't Sito have hairy legs?

I really really love MY smooth legs. I was nothing but fuzz since January; my last wax was in December in Singapore. No shaver here. Tried plucking but I'm too furry *.*

With the sun out (almost) all the time now, I MUST do something about it. So I rediscovered hair removal cream.

I tried that many years ago as a teenager but it didn't work well. Perhaps my hair was too coarse back then. This time, however, the hair just melted away, leaving me with silky smooth legs.. Ahhh... Bliss :)

The same - silky smooth - couldn't be said for the hair on my head though.. It's like grass *.*

I can't use conditioner every day because I tend to get residue from it. I just use leave-in conditioner when I go out. That smoothens it a bit but doesn't keep my hair in place. I only use hair wax for special occasions as it is difficult to wash off. Can't wait for rebonding next summer in Singapore!

In the mean time, I'm thinking of layering my hair as it's getting thick as it grows. But I'm ditching the pink hair idea - I figure I'll look strange with pink hair and stark black eyebrows *.* Um, pink eyebrows will be plain weird!

And I've been trying to keep to my routine of weekly foot scrubs. Did that yesterday after forgetting to do it last week. Also filed off the sharp corners of my toenails and trimmed the cuticles. And since last week, I've been applying moisturiser on my legs in the morning since I don't like to sleep with clammy legs. Now I'm having the best legs and feet since baby years woohoo! I'm also trying to keep my fingernails longer than usual - I'll see if I get used to it.

My perennial (and worldwide!) chapped lips are also getting better after I religiously apply lip balm. I think I may look like I haven't wiped my mouth after a particularly greasy burger... But I don't care. I just want my lips to not crack and bleed all the time.

And I was thinking of going to the gym. I went twice in the past few weeks since I stopped working. Pathetic! So the other day, I decided to do some exercises at home. I stretched and I pulled in my leg muscles to balance on tiptoe, all the while pulling in my abs the pilates way. But I didn't feel a thing after that. And yesterday, I had a clever stupid idea of doing kickboxing while watching TV. It didn't take more than a few hours to feel the muscles in my arms, legs and back complaining...

Muscles: mf, what have you done? Even if you don't feel old, WE feel old! *creak and ache*

But I like the ache haha! Think I'm going to do that again today, while watching The Shawshank Redemption.

Update 6.48 pm

It's about 24 hours since my mini kickboxing workout... I can hardly bend my arms *.* But the TV is on, the show is about to start, and I WILL HAVE ANOTHER MINI WORKOUT!

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