Sunday, 5 June 2011

There's Pinky, there's Pinky II, now Pinky mf??

I had a thought - why don't I dye my hair ANIME PINK?!

I haven't tried before but pink hair is probably frown upon for officers in the civil service. Although I'll still be considered as under the employment of the government while on no-pay leave, I think there is some leeway for me to be a little more adventurous with my appearance.. Or at least, no colleague is around me do the frowning :)

But then I'm lazy. If I dye it once, I have to keep doing it. Or dye it back to black at some point. And not to mention the highly possible hair damage.

So I thought of highlighting certain parts. But that would require me to go to a salon. I don't want to spend money frivolously...

Perhaps I can do that myself...?

So I headed to the drugstore to check out the colours - no pink! =(

All that thinking for nothing!!

Anyway, I'm going to trim my hair once I stop work, to signify a brand new start. So I'll see if the salon can do a strand of pink AND cheaply. Ya, I poor :p

PS: Pinky was my pink Dopod 818 Pro. Pinky II is of course my current white iPhone 3GS in its pink cover that replaces the dead Pinky...

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