Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Not working, yes; free, no!

It's official - now that I'm not working but Sito is working, I'm waking up even earlier and sleeping even less than before!

Before this, I was thinking, I could wake with Sito to help him with breakfast and stuff, and do my chores in the morning before taking a nap in the afternoon so that I could stay up to wait for him.

But I wasn't sleepy in the afternoon! Or I had things to do.

Like today, I had a driving lesson at 8 am. Yes, very early. But thought I did pretty well :) Now I can change lanes properly :) My parking still sucks but well, who says I don't need practice?

Asked instructor to drop me at the supermarket and I took a long walk home from there, with bags of groceries. Consider that my morning exercise :)

And I wasn't done yet! Had to send Sito's pants for alterations - I had him wear them and pinned them at the right length on Sunday :) Then I headed for the post office. I had crossed this road when the sun hit me real hard.. I felt like burning, and I was losing the will to get to the post office..

Then it hit me that Jamba Juice was just opposite the road I just crossed! So I turned back, hoping that the drivers in the waiting cars didn't notice this indecisive and/or blur Asian chick :p

Actually, even if they did, THIS..

.. was worth it!

My first cup since 2006 in New York :)

Reached the post office happily and left happily. On the way home, I passed by the visitors' centre to grab some info on summer events in and around Evanston. More things to do!

On the way in, I had a chat with the receptionist to settle some admin stuff, and grabbed our WSJ before finally plonking my ass on this chair. Phew!

I thought the juice would keep me filled for a while but no, I got hungry... Well, it was smaller than the regular size I used to have for lunch when YX introduced me to it in 2005 *excuse*

So I decided to make myself a sandwich, only to find mushrooms growing on my salami! It was a new pack from a neighbour who left, sob.. So I had BAH KWA SANDWICH* instead haha! It might sound rather strange but it was actually quite tasty! So I had buttered toasted whole wheat bread gripping a slice of cheese, a slice of bah kwa, some spinach and three-cheese dressing. Cannot imagine? Try it! (Darn, forgot to take pictures!)

* Sito's original bah kwa sandwich doesn't use bread; it uses prawn crackers!!

Spend much of the afternoon watching a Chinese spy drama and knocking out the details for a BBQ on 4 July. Almost forgot to get out of the house for pilates! I managed to get there on time anyway, and man, it was gruelling! Think I'll be pretty sore tomorrow..

While preparing dinner, I made very doughy carrot muffins from some extra carrots lying around in the fridge. Again, I didn't add enough sugar..

Somehow, my day just passed by like that. So mundane. I'll see what happens tomorrow.

Maybe I'll work my brains. After a good night's sleep tonight :)

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