Friday, 10 June 2011

One year

Actually nine months.

It's so fast - we're at the end of the first year already! By this time next year, Sito would have graduated, and hopefully, we would be headed for home :)

We had a little farewell for our KWEST leaders last Tuesday. Last Friday was the last TG of the year, a palooza, with bands and BBQ and ice cream. And yesterday, I hosted tea for the PRC JVs, a little farewell for K and T who are leaving in a week, and to check in on J's bulging belly. Nice to chat about education, family history and even reproduction!! Love girls' talk :)

So this week was finals week. Sito had four finals and a corresponding number of bottles of vitamin water... He finished yesterday and today he flew off to Seattle for the bachelor party I mentioned..

He called while transiting at Phoenix :) And I felt the apartment so empty without him :( So after that, I decided to at least make the apartment cosier, so I started tidying the shoeboxes and trashing some unhealthy chocolates, part of a whole bag of stuff passed to me by a JV who left for the summer.

And talk about summer - it's back to winter these two days, sighs.. I managed to ration my fresh food to avoid having to go to the supermarket! :p But the days just before that were so hot I felt like one of those vampires who shrivelled and died in the sun. Except that I didn't die.

Still, I really hope warm weather will come and stay real soon. I can't wait to brew iced tea and sip them in the afternoons! I was also thinking of bubble milk tea but I just read about the DEHP scare in bubble tea ingredients from Taiwan. Not sure if the pearls are affected - I have a bag that I don't dare to open now =( Maybe, I'll just make milk tea :)

Oh glorious summer, come stay with me!

PS: My no-pay leave was approved today - time to perk up for more activities here!

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