Thursday, 2 June 2011

Holding a conversation

I always get stumped when people - usually the Americans - ask me how I find living here. Comparing Singapore and here, of course I prefer Singapore la! But you know, it's their country and I don't want to be rude haha!

But really, that is such a vague question. I'm only now searching for the right - and appropriate - answer as I type..

Hmmm, I think I will say this if I'm asked again, that living here is almost like living in Singapore, so there is no culture shock. The key difference is that Singapore is a lot more compact. And how do YOU find living here? :)

Another question usually follows. What do I do while Sito studies?

That's an easy question, with an answer that makes people envious - I'm doing all the things I (and YOU! If I want to be mean :p) have always wanted to do but had no time for! I'm reading the news, browsing frivolous blogs, learning a language, catching up on dramas and movies I missed, exercising, and sitting in on classes at Kellogg. When I stop work, I have even more ambitious plans!

So those are typical questions from new acquaintances. Then there are questions from people I haven't talked to for weeks. Generally, they are asking what I have been up to.

That is a more difficult question. In all probability, I haven't been doing anything new since we last met but to say same-old same-old is just so boring and kills the conversation instantly. How about trying to motivate myself to go to the library more often and to stay away from watching dramas and movies online? :)

I guess I just find it hard to hold a conversation with some people no matter how nice they are. Different wavelengths, you know.

Then an interesting question came up that night at the KWEST reunion. Where do we want to be after the MBA? Had a good chat with this other JV - turned out we thought the same, that we would follow the husband :) And we are both keen on teaching pre-school so really, we could be anywhere and still be employable. Well, more employable for her than me! But I'll see..

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