Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Vroom vroom!

That was the sound I heard when I stepped on the brake.

Brake? Well, I stepped wrongly *.*

(Sito did the same thing when it was his turn!!)

Drove for the first time in four years today! Last was when I took my driving test :p

The first time I drove was with YX as instructor in a carpark near his place in Stanford. That was fun.

I took private instruction for my driving test to save money. But on the day of the driving test, my instructor couldn't make it and had his friend took me for a lesson before the test. That was when I realised that he didn't teach me enough! The sub-instructor was like, how come you don't know this and that?! =( Eventually, I passed at the second try, but I wasn't too happy with the whole thing.

So recently, we decided we should really refresh our driving skills and signed up for lessons. And the instructor was really good! I felt as if I was learning how to drive for the first time! There were so many things I never knew, like how to adjust the mirrors, how to make sure I'm nicely seated, how to turn nicely, how to filer properly, and how to park without poles!

Granted, I haven't done any parking yet. I only drove around to practise today. But Sito did parking as this was his second lesson. The school allows one to sit behind while the other takes the lesson. So we got to learn from each other too.

This wasn't the first time I drove an auto car but it was the first time I was properly instructed on how to drive one. I have a problem with acceleration and braking - not stepping wrongly but not stepping hard or fast enough. Need more practice...

Oh, and embarrassingly, something happened today that never happened even while I was first learning - I mounted a kerb while turning right =( I attributed it to me not used to driving on the right side of the road! yup, more practice needed!

Hopefully, we'll both feel confident enough to get on the roads by ourselves. Time for road trips and convenient shopping! :)

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