Wednesday, 30 May 2007


That's the legal age to drive in Singapore, and also my score for my second driving test yesterday.. I PASSED!!!!! Yay! :)

So happy! At first I thought I had failed cos the tester sent me back to the test centre without testing u-turn.. Heard from Sito later that some test routes had no u-turn. Oooh..

So, I passed. Now, will you let me drive your car? *wink*

PS: Na, think you're the only brave soul to let me drive yours- with you inside!


  1. gong xi gong xi!!!!!!!!!
    maybe i shld take refreshment course's nice to drive at nite hor...
    sigh no $$$ to buy car

  2. congrats! Me should seriously work on my o/s driver conversion too. SZ

  3. congrats! kekeke well done!


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