Friday, 4 May 2007


Woke early, arrived at work early but was locked out cos the security system broke down!

So I read the newspapers instead and came across these two reports on the same page in my paper:

1) Man jailed for seven years and caned six times for (a) making $3,000 worth of 1900-XXXXXXX calls, (b) seven counts of burglary and attempted theft amounting to $9,500, and (c) three counts of holding porn VCD.

2) The guy who pushed his gf into the MRT tracks had been charged with attempted manslaughter - she didn't die. The law states that a person convicted of attempted manslaughter can be jailed for up to three years or fined or both; if the victim is hurt, the convicted can be jailed for up to seven years or fined or both.

Does anyone else think that the sentences don’t seem to commensurate with the acts - money vs. bodily hurt??


  1. Yes, I find it very upsetting. One other observation, when I read appeal cases, it seems that they all seemed to end up with heavier sentences. Sometimes I really wonder how much rights we have as a Singaporean. As much as I believe that 100% democracy comes at a huge price, I think Singapore's system can do with a bit more fine tuning to let the people have more say.

  2. BTW, just read on the newspaper today that Li Ming Shun was found guilty of drunk driving etc. He is filing for appeal for the 4 week jail sentence and is on bail now for 20k. Let's see what the outcome will be.


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