Monday, 20 June 2011

My MIA weekend

We finished all the escape games on this website!

So Sito came back on Friday feeling sick from drinking too much on Thursday night! Fed him some ginger tea so that he would feel better for katsu kare dinner :)

I know he doesn't like coconut but I made some coconut muffins anyway, trying to use up some coconut flakes given to me. It was one of my more adventurous attempts at baking simply because I didn't quite follow the recipe! I used half the amount of sugar but more than double the amount of flakes called for. I must say it turned out pretty much like a muffin :) but very healthily unsweetened *.*

Anyway, the games.. So Friday, I was determined to NOT turn on my work laptop. While I was busy with laundry and chatting online, I saw a link on Facebook on Friday and started playing a really difficult one. Sito caught on that night and we started playing all the games on that website! While we played some games without cheating, Sito googled for solutions and hints for others while I asked him for help when I was stuck :p

It was past 8 pm last night when I was finally done with that website.. And I searched for more escape games! Some of the other games were not as user-friendly. One was downright buggy! It was so mentally draining that I went to bed quite early..

But we didn't stay in the whole weekend. On Saturday, we had a nice little lunch with a couple of friends - I have some leftovers in the fridge for lunch today so maybe it wasn't so little :) And we watched Green Lantern that evening for $8 in all, thanks to Groupon!

But we did stay in on Sunday, playing games! :p And random: Sito ate the ears of one of our two bunnies. Although here, he looked like he was going for the head. Well, it's a pose...

And today, we woke at 6.45 am because it's Sito's first day of work! Seems that now that I'm not working, I'm waking up even earlier to send Sito to work with a bowl of cereals :) Of course I can always take a nap in the afternoon - bliss :)

Made him pose for me again before he left the apartment :)

All the best, Sito! :)

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  1. Yummy looking food. And even yummier looking chocolate bunny to behead!


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