Thursday, 16 June 2011

Last day of work

I knocked off at lunch today for the last time this year.

The relief hasn't completely washed over me yet. I can still vividly visualise the many folders on the desktop of my work laptop, waiting for me to put them in order. I have until October when I can pass my laptop to a colleague who's coming to town.

But I'm feeling something I didn't think I would feel. Not at stopping work anyway.


It isn't so much fearing for the lack of income. It's the fear of having too much time, fear of idling away what's left of my youth. With my kind of discipline, I'm afraid I'll be squandering it on way too much, um, drama. I fear turning dumb from a lack of brain activity.

But wait, I wasn't utilising much brain power in this job anyway. Which means, the last time I racked my brains was July last year! *gasp*

Ok, I'm already one rung up the dumb ladder.

After reviewing my work, I realise I do like to be kept busy with constructive work.

Maybe that's why I have been somewhat diligent the past few days. I had wanted to start doing that only after today, after my last working day. But I started early.

I started pulling out my handwritten notes from classes in the past two quarters, to input them into the softcopy class notes or slides. Along the way, I had some thoughts too. Going write more about one of them later.

Since I'm officially on the way to stupordom, I'd better go back to my notes now. Need to work those grey matter harder!

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