Wednesday, 22 June 2011


I'm pretty excited - Sito has given me the green light to make bento for his lunch! AND, he has a fridge and microwave at work so I can work with greater variety than the cold food he has been having this past year!

I was limited to food that can keep a few hours without refrigeration cos there is no fridge in school, and food that is yummy at room temperature cos he doesn't see the need to microwave when food is not fridge-cold.

Now, I can cook one day before so that he can just pack the box into his bag straight from the fridge - I don't have to rush to cook in the morning! He'll just have to throw the box into the fridge at work and microwave it at lunch - no food safety issue!

But I'm also a little stressed. You see, when it comes to making and varying good bento, the heart is willing but the brain is not very able...

So I've been reading about packing lunch for the past hour or so. But Sito isn't the cold sandwich type. And if I make cold sandwiches for him, he is better off getting a hot sandwich downtown! Even among the non-sandwich ideas, traditional lunch boxes are typically eaten cold or at room temperature.

But again, he has a fridge and a microwave :)

So I decided to just look into my fridge and cook whatever is inside!

My usual bento consists of rice, a vege dish, an egg dish and a meat dish. I'll still follow this formula but I can be more adventurous with the dishes. Or I can ditch the formula for fried rice with spam or zucchini risotto or sausage pasta. Oops, we are carb junkies :p

Going to take a nap now and start preparing his bento and my dinner later!

Update 27 Jun 2011

Bento failed. He didn't have time to heat and finish everything. And my bento was kind of dry so it was difficult to eat too =(

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