Saturday, 11 June 2011

A productive day yay!

I had a nice eight-hour sleep and woke only once in the middle of the night :)

Dreamt that I was with WX at Tomato Town, and we were going to the Blk 409 market for breakfast. We split up to buy food home as it looked like it was going to rain. Then I bought laksa from the auntie with the curly hair who used to be at Blk 409 but who had moved to Blk 453 years ago! She looked the same as I last saw her when I was a kid!

Strange dream. But WX, welcome to Tomato Town! In fact, welcome to my old block! :)

Went to the farmers' market with C this morning. The weather was almost like the first time we went there back in October! The market at this time of the year was more flowers than food. I only bought a bag of spinach. No apples yet =/

I decided that I should be productive. So I started packing for Sito's trip to Boston. He chose the shirts already so I folded them nicely. Just need him to pick out the pants next. I've got his shoes and other stuff ready. And the new luggage will take its virgin trip tomorrow :)

I also tried to hem a pair of his pants which were too long but I had to fold quite a lot based on the inseams of his other pants. I'd rather not ruin it! So we'll go to the seamtress one day to alter this and a new pair of jeans..

But to be honest, I wasn't all productive. I still ended up playing some games and watching a few episodes of Desperate Housewives. Getting boring actually. Too much of anything isn't good. So I started going through my handwritten notes for the classes I took. I'm starting to type them into the class notes or slides - thank goodness for Sito's PDF pro! :)

Anyway, I just had some yummy red bean soup, and a pot of barley drink is happily simmering on the stove now - that's for Sito when he comes home tomorrow. Later I'm going to make zucchini risotto for dinner! This is a trial before I next make it for Sito :)

Ok, going back to my notes again! No drama until dinner time.. :p Or, perhaps I should read during dinner instead and save the drama until after gym tonight! Woah, I feel good about myself :)

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