Sunday, 3 October 2010

Time to get fresh! :p

Went to the farmers’ market early Saturday morning with Canque and Raquel.

Pretty shot of Raquel and Canque against various stalls:

Me with the pumpkins, big and small:

Then we saw so many varieties of squash and gourds, many in odd shapes, and many I never knew. And I’ve never seen brussel sprouts in a stalk before!

And I’ve also never seen capsicums with their leaves on! Check out my spoils :)

I froze most of the raspberries but two of the tomatoes were promptly used for lunch :) Maybe it was all the excitement of shopping, or the late night before cos we watched The Social Network which ended at 1 am, I was very sleepy after lunch! Took a nap :)

Fruitful day, literally...

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