Wednesday, 20 October 2010


We love Macs. Unfortunately, the nearest Macs is, according to google maps, 29 min away. On foot of course, since we don’t drive.

In Singapore, it’s McSpicy.

When we were in Japan, it was McPork.

When we were in the UK, it was McCrispy.

And that day, as we saw the cute little rabbit hopping about outside McManus again, he went “McBunny”..


Love how Macs is everywhere back home. In Tomato Town, I could easily walk to two outlets. In HV, we only have Wendy’s, which took over BK’s spot. I like their baked potato, but then, the nearest Macs is only 10 min away by bus! :)

Don’t think I’ll walk 30 min to Macs here unless I’m quite desperate, haha! But we do walk a fair bit. It takes me about 15 min to get to Jewel Osco for our regular groceries. And I do that about twice a week. When the cold eventually strikes, I’ll probably head over to the more expensive Whole Foods which is just across the road.. I never know which is worse, to eat things grown in shit or sprayed with pesticide... Ok, so I’m generalising but I like to say that. Bah.

Update 3 Nov 2010
There are FOUR Macs in Tomato Town now, woohoo!

And today marks the seventh anniversary of my working life - I started in 3 Nov 2003 *.*

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