Sunday, 17 October 2010

I want to run a marathon!

But I’ll never do it of course – 心有余而力不足 :p

See, last Sunday, Lydia was running the Chicago Marathon so five of us went down to support her. We got there really early at about 7.30 am. It started with me being late and running to the El station to meet Janet and Dan to catch a train to Chicago – I already felt like I did a marathon by the time I got there *.*

Met Dave and Alyssa on Jackson where some of us got a glimpse of Lydia going by – the rest of us were cluelessly blind *.*

Nvm, we could have breakfast before stalking her again... We went to Lou Mitchell’s!

I love their notices:

Um, noted :p

We were seated very quickly, after the staff gave each of us a box of milk duds and a donut hole! Yum yum..

While waiting for our food, we had their famous coffee – think I had two cups.. And that’s me and my pancakes! Buckwheat pancakes ok.. Thought I’d have the healthier version. With plenty of maple syrup and butter.. Oh well!

Headed back to stalk Lydia after a good breakfast. This time, all of us saw her and she saw us too and gave us a huge wave! Her happy fan club:

Oops, mf’s bad hair day..

We walked to the next spot to try to say hi again.. The atmosphere was really good. People were cheering for strangers while waiting for their family and friends to run by. Many runners wore their names on their shirts, which made it easier for people to cheer them on. We saw this guy with “Costa Rica” on his shirt, twice, and we cheered him on, “pura vida!” He must be feeling bewildered :p

Then there were some fun runners too – like the juggler, the guy who wore an Eiffel Tower on him (!), Minnie Mouse.. And looking at some of the runners, I felt really lousy cos they were like double my age and going strong! I’m so nua and unfit *.*

Many supporters brought cards along, or wrote on cards distributed by sponsors. My favourites next to each other:

So we spotted Lydia a third time (second for some of us) and left cos the ending point would be too crowded for us to do anything. We later heard that Lydia completed the run at 3 hr 22 min! I think I can run no more than 13 miles in that time, gaaar!

I stopped by Argyle on the way back to grab some frozen crab meat sticks, sotong balls etc :p Now our freezer is complete! Yeah!

But that was a very tiring weekend, cos we went to an outlet shopping mall on Saturday, which meant we got up at 6.15 am as well! By Sunday night, I just wanted to sleep. In fact, I want to sleep now too... Yesterday, I went to the farmers’ market again with Namrta before Sito and I went to Chicago to meet friends for lunch and tea. We ended the long day with Sashimi Sashimi :)

I just came back from grocery shopping – got some ingredients to make apple tart some time this week :) Also got some tonkatsu sauce from a Japanese restaurant with a mini supermarket section – making tonkatsu tonight! Pictures will go up on facebook – if it turns out well :)

See, I’ve progressed from marathon to food, sighs... But I pride myself on having done some pilates on Tuesday :) It wasn’t easy but well, that was a start! Hope I could do more with some practice.. Think I’ll take a private lesson when I go back to Sg..

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  1. Hey, I too said I would never run not very long ago...If you really want something, you will make it happen ;) - Zain


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