Thursday, 21 October 2010


There’s this thing about seeing your best pals getting married, having kids, going through life’s rites of passage..

When Jo got married at 24, it was such a whirlwind I didn’t have time to think about it.. When she gave birth at 26, I was like, I’m watching two kids having a kid *.* Maybe cos she was the first close friend to have a kid. Or cos I think we were still kiddish at that age?

Now that we’re all hitting 30 – ok, I’ve hit 30! – I thought it wasn’t such a big deal anymore. But when I realised that it was three weeks to Kel’s wedding, I just couldn’t take it – I was like, huh? Kel is getting married??!

I guess it just shows what I think about Kel, haha! Ya, can’t help feeling we’re still in JC together since he is still bullying me!! ... And now D is on his side too! Gaaar!

And now, we have Tok. He just gave birth this week! Or rather, his wife XR gave birth.. But, same la when you’re a couple! I mean, I don’t really expect Tok to physically give birth right? But I’m digressing.. CONGRATS on your baby boy, you two!

Who else.. After Kel, we have WX in January.. Then I expect my sisters CY, Na and Yan to walk down the aisle next! And YX soon too? *wink* Kok, when's your turn...? And all of us girls trying for kids, jia you!:)

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