Saturday, 25 June 2011

What to do with a lot of money?

So there was this episode of Desperate Housewives where Tom told Lynette to go crazy with $10k and she bought a high-end coffee machine. (Her friend then dutifully introduced her to $500 jeans.)

Made me wonder what I would do..

Buy a Kitchen Aid mixer :)

But really, if we were to come into some good money, what would we do?

I related the episode to Sito, and we found that we would still be eating mixed rice at the coffee shop on most working days.

But we could splurge on other things. Maybe he will get a really good suit for work. I will renew my spa package at Amore hoho!

And if the money is REALLY good, we'll buy a bigger apartment. Maybe a family car. Then we'll drive to the coffee shop to da bao mixed rice :)

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