Sunday, 24 July 2011

Dealing with broodiness


That's me, constipated from being unable to express myself in words just how I feel when I see something or someone cute!

(Um, no thanks, I have no wish to video myself - suffice to say I can become rather happily agitated.)

These days, there are so many baby McSquirrels and baby McBunnies in the McManus lawn. Super cute and furry. I swoon.


我也要一粒!人啦,not 松鼠 or 兔子.. And yes, my 量词 for babies is "粒"! :p

I think I've never been this drawn to soft, cuddly and cute things in my life. If this is not broodiness, I may be quite disgusted with myself *.*

Was with J at TJ Maxx the other day. I was browsing randomly when I thought I saw Zo-san and rushed over!

But it wasn't Zo-san =(

Zo-san is cuter :)

Went out with J again on Friday - she needed baby stuff and we needed groceries! As I was walking through the racks of baby clothes in Babies"R"Us, I said out loud to Baby - if you were still around, you would be wearing these soon! :)

Sometimes I would say things like that. Especially when I'm alone at home. And I would also talk to Zo-san and Kappa-chan who is now Zo-san's neighbour on the chest of drawers in the room.

"Zo-san, Kappa-chan, Sito is coming home today! Weee!"

"(to Zo-san) 可爱!(to Kappa-chan) 你屁股圆圆的,也很可爱!"


And when Sito is home, I'll swoon at his cute actions, like rubbing his face with his fist - Doraemon?! :p - or giving me the blur baby look. Ya, we're crazy and we love it :)

Then yesterday, when I was doing laundry, it suddenly hit me that it has been almost five months since Baby left us. It felt like it had only been a couple of months..

Well, there's still going to be a new baby in September, just that it's not ours - J is popping soon and I've promised to be on call in case her baby decides to greet the world before her husband comes back from his internship!

Sito and I were just saying how we still felt like we were in our 20s. Then I read this article on WSJ, My Fertility Crisis, while sipping my mid afternoon red raspberry leaf tea. What the author said wasn't new to me. After all, I once researched on fertility treatment for my work. But at this point in my life, after Baby, I could feel her fear despite being 10 years younger. Guess this is probably the only aspect of my life where I feel my age, where I actually fear ageing.

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