Wednesday, 20 July 2011

A list of random things

First of all, thanks to SX for brightening up my evening with this URL! There are other versions on youtube but I prefer this rendition.
Life is like coffee

This morning, I took a 35-min walk to Dominick's (daily exercise quota - reached!) and bought a lot of minced beef - cheaper in bulk! Froze half and made 18 mini meatloaves with the other half. So now I have one big ziplock bag of meatloaves in the fridge :) Oh, I took a bus home. Too hot to walk, especially with the food.

Chopped a cob of corn for the first time in my life! I had some water from boiling pork ribs so I made corn soup.. I saved a bowl for Sito to drink tonight. The pork was baked with a yummy home-made sauce to make char siew. Or some variation of char siew. Also in the fridge for Sito another day.

I was very peckish yesterday after a pasta lunch. I would have been eating through the afternoon if not for my negotiations class from 3.15 pm.. But today, I didn't feel peckish at all with an egg sandwish! I'm sticking to sandwiches.

Just happened to check yahoo mail halfway through writing this (easily distracted!) and found a complete new look! I was also informed a while back that I have been using yahoo for 11 years - a third of my life!

The Mac is making super weird noises and the battery compartment is bulging... With Lion and the new MacBook Air out today, I'm doing some serious online shopping! :)

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