Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Aim - be pretty every day!

I love to read and - yes! - smell fashion magazines! I may not spend on fashion buys. I may not even like the styles of the season. But they are such a great inspiration for me to dress up!

Now that I'm mostly at home and it's usually the supermarket when I go out, I've been really lazy so I'm ugly and frumpy. At this moment, I'm wearing this horrid pink tights with an old Hard Rock Cafe blouse.

But I picked up a copy of Glamour from the lobby (plenty of free mags during summer!) and I'm oh-so-inspired! This afternoon, when I go for class, I WILL DRESS UP :)

I've picked out my outfit. I'll have to think about my hair. I still can't have eye makeup but with sunglasses on anyway, just some blush and a look gloss will do fine. Oh, I'll probably whip out my new sandals too!

Akan datang :)

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