Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Ramblings and a bit on work

Just re-read my last post - my Chinese is really getting worse =(

Anyway... Sito left on Monday night and I was looking forward to hearing from him yesterday morning. But the first word from him was bad news - I forgot to pack a belt for him!! =( Second time already! The last time was when we were staying at River Valley and he realised he had no belt the night before an event the next morning! Luckily it was Christmas season and a mall nearby was still open.. This time, he had time to go get a belt as he took the earlier flight to arrive at London in the morning instead of the night, phew!

After I came back from class, we had a chat on Skype while he was preparing to sleep and I was preparing dinner. It was like old times, before we got married :)

I'm just thinking about what I should do today. So yesterday I spent a long time preparing for my negotiations class - I had the outcome I wanted so it was good enough. Today would probably be less productive. It's too early to start preparing for the class next week. Guess I'll settle some admin - seek reimbursement for the BBQ at McManus, mend a seam - and prepare dinner right after lunch so that I wouldn't be running about cooking when Sito Skypes me :) Need to continue archiving my work this afternoon *.*

And talking about work, my swan song has been published! I interviewed the founder and the bloggers of "Eat Shop Play Love". Check out "Of love and life – Singaporean women overseas unite! - Part 1 and Part 2.

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