Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Disturbed by a dream

This morning, I woke up feeling rested. But after Sito left for work, I could hardly focus on my magazine so I went to bed.

And I had a not-so-nice dream. At first, it was simple and pleasant. XY and I agreed to meet at the local community centre to discuss some recipes or stuff. Then I went to sleep - in my dream. Then it suddenly occurred to me that XY could not have made the trip at short notice because she was in San Francisco and the community centre was in Tomato Town in Singapore! And why was I in Singapore??

As with dreams, there was some disjoint in this dream, and suddenly a noise shook me.

Now I know there's always some noise in this apartment - in real life! Like drips on the aircon unit, strange sounds from the fridge, noise from the corridor etc. But I didn't know whether it was real or in my dream when I heard the noise! I was concerned and wanted to get up to have a look but I could hardly open my eyes! When I tried to open my eyes, I had to squint against bright white light. I felt like I was sleeping in my old shared room in Tomato Town. I tried to wake a few times but couldn't. I only saw the clock in our apartment saying it was 9.33 am. But was that real?

Anyway, I must have gone back to sleep cos the next thing I heard was my alarm clock at 10.15 am.

I woke up feeling quite disturbed about the part of me trying to get up but couldn't. It was not like I felt that I could not move, which happened before one night in my second year when I was quite sure it wasn't a dream! Anyway, this morning, I could move my body but I just couldn't open my eyes. It didn't help that it felt very real.

Perhaps it's got to do with the rash on my right eyelid that cracked and bled yesterday? The new eye cream I bought yesterday seems to be working well. Hope my eyelid recovers soon.. And hope I don't dream that again..

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