Thursday, 21 July 2011

A walk with Grams

I was clearing out my emails last night when I saw a note I wrote to myself on 9 Mar 2010 in the office. Think that was after I visited Grams during lunch that day.

大舅扯起她的右眼皮,叫她"放心",告诉她有很多人来探望她, 明白的话就捏一下他的手。
我还记得我们还没来得及带阿嬷去Beng Thin
我带了一朵橘色的花,附带一张卡片,上面写着"阿嬷加油 :)"

Maybe because that was just before bedtime, I dreamt of Grams. She didn't look very well but she was walking with me to the bus stop because I was late for school! I seem to remember her speaking with me but I'm not sure. Could just be that I still remember her voice..

Such a familiar feeling in the dream even though Grams had never accompanied me to school before. But she did sit by me while I did my Further Maths stuff during JC :) And it was a "familiar" bus stop too - it appeared in at least one previous dream, a bus stop near Bukit Timah or MacRitchie Reservoir that had a few buses to NJ.

My cousins, are you still hanging out at Grams' place? Miss doing that, although it's never quite the same again..

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