Sunday, 3 July 2011


We had a lovely Saturday, just the two of us, on an excursion and a date ♥

And I drove J's car! With Sito instead of instructor next to me! We were very proud of me :)

It was a 45min drive to...

Penang Malaysian Cuisine at Arlington Heights!

We ordered a lot of food...

First, we had chicken and beef satay - gone in two minutes!

Then came the hokkien mee - the noodles were of a different shape but the taste was so familiar!

And char kway teow, because we love carbs...

The teppan tofu wasn't the egg tofu tube we used to have back home. It was better! It isn't visible in the picture but it was like the homemade tofu found at good zi char places :) Oh, and it came with rice - yes, we love carbs but we couldn't eat that much! *.*

We also had one of the specials of the day (or week, who knows?!) - sambal stingray!! My, we haven't had this dish for YEARS - probably since that time at Chomp Chomp with XY before she left for the US after getting married! And now she has two kids! The stingray somehow came in a much thicker size...

And the vegetables just had to be sambal kangkong :)

See, Sito was so happy!

Damage: $80!!!

But we brought back a lot of leftovers. We had char kway teow and kangkong for dinner last night; our microwave still smells of the sambal this morning.. We will have tofu and kangkong with rice for lunch today, and stingray with other stuff from our fridge for lunch tomorrow :)

So after lunch, we were so full we decided to take a walk in Mitsuwa, less than five minutes away. We felt so at home, specifically Liang Court basement!

Sent Sito to the train station when we got back to Evanston as he had to go to the office to collect some stuff. I was then driving without a v-comm! Woah, exciting :p

I remembered going to two petrol stations with C in January so I drove down the same road. I passed by Shell to get to the further but cheaper one. Then I couldn't remove the cap covering the hole for the nozzle! And there were no attendants present, unlike good old Singapore.. But the station guy was very kind. He came out to help me and taught me how to remove the cap (with brute force!), how to pay and how to start the pump.

J heard from the previous owner that it should cost about $20 to top up but it was $45! Wow, big appetite, car... But it's always good to have fuel in case of an emergency la..

My stomach felt funny so I had some antacid and laid horizontally on the couch for an amazing five minutes - food was good :)

While Sito was away, I met JY to buy supplies for the BBQ on Monday. Was surprised that she was driving a manual car!

By the time I came back, Sito was home and we were ready to head out for Transformers! Didn't manage to go on Friday cos we were too tired by 10.30 pm.. And we like the movie!! Some of the machines are made from dreams of boys... But I just like the story :)

We topped off the wonderful day with some ice cream. Then I remembered we bought a green tea daifuku with red bean filling from Mitsuwa! Gone in four bites!

We are still very happy today :)

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