Monday, 19 September 2011

My sandwiches :)

So when Sito is away at work, I'll often have a sandwich for lunch and/or dinner. Here are some of my favourites :)

Bah kwa sandwich

My favourite so far! It was an accident, really. I dropped two half slices of bah kwa on the floor while taking other stuff from the fridge so I washed the bah kwa (yes I did!) and layered them on a slice of cheese, topped with a generous handful of spinach and three drops of reduced fat three cheese ranch sauce.

But I forgot to take picture *.*

Sunny-side up sandwich

Um, I just replaced the bah kwa with the (hidden) egg :p

East-meets-West sandwich

I happened to have extra boy choy from the night before but I didn't fancy a bok choy sandwich *.* So I popped a hotdog into the microwave :p

Hotdog roll

Hotdog again?! Well, I happened to have some hotdog buns.. But I heathified it with chopped onions and a lot of spinach on the side, lightly drenched in vinaigrette. Thankfully I wasn't trying to lose weight.

Korean sandwich

Used left-over kalbi and fish cake! Look at the cut pieces under the spinach. It was really good.. Almost can fight with the bah kwa sandwich.

Meatloaf sandwich

I like to keep a stash of mini meatloaves in the freezer. Just reheat one with some chopped onions and pile onto a slice of cheese. Ta-da!

But this one doesn't look very good cos the onions were browned enough. Later versions with TWO mini meatloaves look better :)

Pizza sandwich

Sito brought back leftover pizza from his dinner. The dough wasn't terribly good when reheated but the chicken topping was good! So I scrapped it onto a bed of spinach :p

Vege sandwich

After having some meat at lunch, I decided to have a vege sandwich with freshly made pepper confit, lightly microwaved spinach and guacamole!

Beef patty sandwich

Hmmm, the beef patty isn't too obvious here.. Made a couple of beef patties with leftovers from making the mini meatloaves, topped with a really generous serving of guacamole as I wanted to finish it - if I were to add any more lemon juice to stop it from turning brown, it would become too lemony!

Cinnamon sweet potato sandwich

Went for pub food the day before and had some leftovers. The sweet potato was really, really yummy!

Breakfast sandwich

Well, we had a few cans of beans so I had my first open sandwich! No meat but still full of proteins..

Mushroomy and cheesy sandwich

Again from leftovers. Somehow we just couldn't finish the mushrooms and they were starting to wrinkle so I stir-fried them, with butter I think..

When Sito was in Nicaragua, I had some sandwiches as well, but they were all repeats of my usual sandwiches. I think I still have some bread left from two weeks ago haha! Keeping them in the fridge to soften brown sugar when I need it.

And today, I made a usual meatloaf, i.e. a big one! But it turned out crumbly and broke easily :( But it seems that it's also more moist this time. Well, one portion is in the fridge now so let's see if it remains moist tomorrow!

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