Wednesday, 7 December 2011


This is usually my favourite month - off-peak at work, relatively quiet office, pretty Xmas lights, festive feelings!

But so far, I've only had one happy day this month - yesterday. It was a really happy afternoon! We walked in the cold for 30 min and chatted about happy things. So happy that I didn't do anything else besides feeling happy for the rest of the day =D (He had to study, bleah!)

Other than yesterday, I'm just ill, especially the weekend. Oh, the weekend was bad! And there was a terrible backache that kept me up almost the entire Saturday night!

I've been having the same lunch since Monday - chicken/pork burrito with hot sauce and vege from Chipotle. I find that it makes me feel better, combined with (forced!) feedings every three hours all the way until I go to bed.

But this evening, I felt sick again, and dozed off on the sofa until Sito came home with dinner. Poor guy, he's been cooking or eating out cos I haven't been able to cook much... And it's exams week!

Ah well, enough complaining, enough venting.. Actually I just wanted to say that we had a very happy afternoon yesterday :) I hope the rest of the month will be happy too!

PS: Give me a white Christmas!!

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