Saturday, 29 July 2006

Typing with weak arms

My Friday plans never seem to go as planned. Yesterday, things picked up just before I walked out for lunch outside. Fyi, it's a feat to get me out for lunch cos I'm lazy :p So, I packed lunch.

Barely finished when I got another call to rush something else - let's call it Item A. And at the same time, a couple of other urgent things cropped up.

Now, this bit isn't going to sound too sane: I actually felt this adrenaline rush as the work came in via sms and phone!! So exciting and exhilarating and fun and yet at the same time I was screaming like a mad woman and tearing out my hair as sms and phone call repeatedly disrupted my concentration on Item A! Gee, I actually like being busy *.*

So it wasn't until 545pm that I managed to get down to Item A.. TO and I were suddenly robbed of our 525pm dismissal hour even though Da Boss was away on retreat! :p

Turned up very late for dinner with YX. But JD was later albeit by a bit :p The new Market Place at Raffles City was very nice. Checked it out last week after dancing, when Sito bought some British junk food. This time, we had proper food, not at one of the new restaurants where queues were too long but the good old Out of the Pan.

No luck with TCC for kopi as we reached the Funan branch 15min before closing time. TCC at Clarke Quay was the next choice but we were talking about
racing and guess what? We went to Marina South to play Daytona!! I got 2nd a few times - happy cos it meant I could beat either of them at some point - and I didn't even use brake! :p

Then we found this tag rally game where you had to bump other cars to transfer a time bomb to them. It was fun and I was screaming all the way! But my left arm was so useless I gave up after a while. But that was only me.. They didn't give up, and they refused to let me give up!

Next was Bishi Bashi! I could never win the rounds where you had to really whack the buttons fast and furious (btw I want to watch Tokyo Drift!) so they helped :p

Dead arms + empty stomachs = supper! Headed for the prata place near Amara for chow and chat. Some sound bites to share:

1) Was telling YX and JD I transferred 200+ names one by one from my Samsung to my SIM card.. I was quite sure I could transfer all my SIM card contacts to my Dopod at one go but I couldn't find the function - and I left my manual in the office. So I manually transferred some 200 names before I got really frustrated and complained to Sito. Didn't ask him earlier cos I thought he was in Jap class. Turned out he didn't go that day and turned out that there was this thing called Sim Manager =(

JD: Your wrist should be very strong now?? :p
YX: We call this "user fault"!

Later, we were heading for the carpark and I pushed the door. Not budging.

YX: Handle! Tsk tsk, USER FAULT! :p

2) When my arms were both gone from the arcade games..

mf: If boss asks me to work tomorrow, I'm going to say I can't even type *.*

3) Some may know how I like my ice tea - no sugar, no milk.

mf: I want tea, no sugar - um, kosong.. No milk too.. Ice!
Uncle: Ok, teh-o kosong beng! Next?


Well, at least he understood..

4) Do you know what a tulang is? We were roaring last night when JD said his friend took over his tulang and went "I'm sucking JD's tulang"!

5) A scary thing happened too..

mf: Once, I almost pushed myself out of my office window cos I didn't realised the window hinge was in the middle..
JD: If I were Kel, I would say, "I'll be afraid, not for you but the people below!"

mf: Oh no! One Kel is enough!! Why are my friends all like that?!
YX: I think it's you.. When you're not around, they're quite normal!

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  1. JD is rather right ;P

    But may I add: I will be worried for the police in seeing the untidy mess they would rather not set eyes on, the cleaner auntie for the fats she has to clean up and pedestrians having to walk on oily floor even though auntie had tried her very best, and the rest of singapore for having their hearts skip a bit due to the tremor and thinking that an earthquake hit us!


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