Wednesday, 19 July 2006

Boobie tales

All in a day..

1) We were talking about staff welfare and how we could have our retreat at Andana Spa if there weren't many of us.

TO: Only thing is we'll all be in robes!
mf: So Japanese! :)
LY: Separate men and women..
mf: And use audio conferencing!
LY: Then LH can *pumping (breast milk) action* at the same time!!

2) We were warming up before class..

Sito: I think my chest bigger than yours..
mf: Go away! =/
Sito: Does your sister have big boobs? .. How about your mum?

Omg, that's so disturbing!

3) Tru's loose camisole was showing off a bit of her bra..

mf: Take it off!
Tru: Huh? I've only got this top..
mf: The bra la..

My theory: Unless you're jogging or unless you're cup C and above, don't have to wear bra all the time!

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