Thursday, 20 July 2006


Yesterday, took a cab to test some functions of a new website we're coming up with. The cabbie had this really spicy scent pouch, like ginger or something - couldn't take it! But after struggling to breathe for the first two minutes, I found that I could no longer smell it.. Does it mean that I'll feel pretty normal two minutes (maybe more but eventually) after you dump me in a shit hole?? *.*

Used a webcam for the first time during the test session. The image was a bit small and everything was a bit dark, so it made me look prettier! :p And there was this cute function that could trace my image onto that of a kitten. Entertained myself (and others) winking, shaking my head and seeing the animated meow do the same!

I like my current hairstyle, really quite nice. Pictures when I have the time.

1 comment:

  1. Nana agrees that current hairtsyle looks kakoii desu!


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