Monday, 24 July 2006

Rushing blog through lunch :p

Combien left me totally blur; I didn't know which parts were real and which imagined! I had thought, from the synopsis, that it was a simple love story involving a lot of money, a beauty and a mafia boss but no, it was more complicated than that. The doc was particularly memorable; he was a sad-looking fellow who loved this dying woman but later they realised she had died five years ago. Grossed out by braless boobs (dropping to the waist!) although Monica Belluci kept really well for her age!

Talking about boobs, there was a measuring tape at the costume rack yesterday - maybe it's always been there but anyway.. I realise I had been wrong all this while: Sito is not quadruple A; his cup size is A! :p

Back to films, Pirates flew by in 2.5hours. I was waiting for an ending that never came - when will the third one be out?? Next to watch is Lake House, a Hollywood remake of Siworae.

351 grains of rice
Went on to meet the Oxonians. Ordered the tonkatsu wazen set at Waraku ie pork cutlet with rice AND udon..

mf: Oh no, for the first time in many years, I'm not finishing my rice.. =(
Friends: *no big deal*

*mf stares into rice*

SW: ... Think of the hungry kids! You're killing one if you don't finish!
mf: o_O

And mf looked even more pathetically into her unfinished bowl of rice and contemplated finishing the thing.. Until waitress came by to clear..

mf officially wasted rice!!! =(

Jon: Even if you finish the rice, no dead kid will come alive la!

Keeping it up
SW was telling us about her triathlete boss who looked damn good even in her forties and with two kids. We agreed it was a case of both genes and proper maintenance, with the former more powerful. We agreed that the current "state" of our mothers and aunts would give a good indication of how we would look like in twenty years.

Mother, the village flower, exploded sideways, front and back after giving birth. I have two aunts - one has three kids and looks worse than Mother; the other is unmarried without kids, slightly plump now cos she lost some weight lately. So for me, married or single, I'm doomed to be bah bah *.*

"mf, you can start now.. You have twenty years to make sure you still look good in your forties!"

When a bunch of civil servants get together, career progression seems to be an inevitable topic. At least for this group. I'll brush up on my culinary skills to prepare for my retreat from civil service. Can do a joint venture with SW and Yen Bookshop! Then we'll set our own CEP and decide our PB!

"We'll give mf a higher PB since her egg tarts are selling so well!"

Sounds good :p

Keeping it alive
And when this group of people come together, it's also inevitable to go back to the good old days..

We remembered the first time all of us met one another - in NACLI when a senior came by with a colourful map of Oxford. And LS, SW and Yen suddenly realised they were in the same OBS watch..

We remembered us crowding my tiny bedroom floor around pasta, baked honey chicken, salad etc.

We remembered the time I was bunking in with LS, and how little I drank and how much she drank - she kept refilling her water filter!

But I'm forgetting things like the location of Turl St.. I need to go back and have a look!

Grams, oh lovely Grams!
I stood in the doorway of the utility room watching Grams prepare dinner. I could see concentration across her face as she cut the seabass. Her cheek muscles tightened and her cheeks rounded up into little balls of flesh just next to her mouth - so cute! And her earlobes were also shaking with the weight of the jade earrings as she moved a little when she washed the fish.

"Come, eat more rice! A lot of rice!"

And she came to the table with a spatula of rice. Mother and 2nd Uncle covered their rice bowl stubbornly. I had washed my bowl by then and thus was spared but..

"Finish the fried scallops! Eat, eat!"

How could I refuse? I popped two more of those into my mouth just before we left.

Now you see, every two Sundays, I get fed and fat :p

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