Saturday, 8 July 2006

Happy birthday to Na! =)

Feels like a Sunday today, maybe cos Fri was so long I thought I had lived two days. Oh no, am I feeling old? *.*

Glad I went to work in party gear cos I didn't manage to go off early. Met Sito past 9pm, exchanged his new fashion ring for a bracelet - is it still called bracelet for a guy? Anyway.. It had this bit for engraving, first five letters free. Conclusion was to engrave "fuck u", better than some pseudo name. I voted for all small letters; all caps wouldn't be as nice, and no need to start with a capital letter when swearing right?!

He couldn't decide.. mf was described as being very alpha that night. So, I grabbed the pen and paper and wrote the following:

Fuck u
fuck u

Physical actualisation is better than imaginery visualistion. Finally he admitted the small letters were nicer but capitalised the "u". All the while, salesgirl was expressionless, not bantering with us or even smiling. Must have faced a lot of shit that day. Or cursing us for making her do OT..

Time to split. He was going to grab something for Na while I joined SF for KTV. Turned out they changed venue from Party World to Kabuki, a real KTV. Her husband told me on the way in, "Don't be shocked/surprised* if you look into one of these doors and see a naked woman dancing on some guy!"

* The difference between shocked and surprised.. Could imply how others perceive me. Wish I remember which :p

My first thought then was, hey, this would be YX's and Kok's hangout after retirement!! Had a good laugh over this with YX later :p

It was not really a place for serious singing; one mic wasn't working, the songs were on analogue, song selection system was crap. Anyway, while the rest were chatting away, SF and I started singing - guess what? - I Will Survive! It was so fun to sing that! :p But the MTV was crap, the usual low quality productions for English songs since they don't usually produce KTV versions. Tried a JJ song next and found that I was apparently the only one who could read Chinese decently, omg.. Hey, thanks for asking me along! :)

Left very soon for Bar None. Found Na and her friend dressed up as cats! Except that they had clothes on, minimal set of cropped top and short skirt.. I'll never walk out like that!! Ok, my figure sucks.. Sito just told me I got fat (and see below) *.* Anyway, it was a more decent crowd - invited and existing - than her last birthday bash so obviously more fun! The band was quite cool too, made me want to be part of a band! Think I've asked before but no harm asking again: is there a band out there who needs a vocalist?? :p

They were later called on stage by the band for some birthday thing. The band got two guys from the floor to dance with them. Everyone was having fun as we all cheered them on, though I quite pitied the girls who had to dance with two not very pole-like poles! No, not quite cute too :p

When I finally got to the dance floor, I was there for all of one minute..
1) I felt too tall among the clubbers! Despite all my alpha-ness, I prefer to hide in the shadows. I know many girls would love to be taller but for me, I wish I were about the same height as 99% of my gfs, sighs..
2) Also, my tube top was a bit threatening.. I hadn't worn that for more than a year. I hope it was because the material had become loose rather than.. *.*

So we were mostly sitting around and moving a little to the music except for the birthday girl of course - it was her night! Then, refering to Moh..

Na: Hey, one leg each!
mf: *.*
Moh: *.*

I was rather amused by the whole episode :p In his words, he was just a passive pole, just stand still - lol! Always thought Na quite cool to be able to dance with anyone. Eh, it's a skill ok! For me, it's just weird to gyrate with my friends la.. I'm ok with physical contact but if I don't usually have that much physical contact with you over kopi, I couldn't suddenly go physical in a different setting.. My physical contact are really limited to: Kel used to pinch my cheeks (now I'm more alert and will block!), YX and Tok poke my tummy (I'm ticklish but hard to fend off such attacks), and though I do ballroom with Sito and salsa with Hup, it's still odd to pole-dance on them!!

Aiyoh, actually, I'm quite shy and conservative after all! Heh..

Oooh, fighter planes just flew by, rehearsing for upcoming National Day Parade!

Anyway, spoke too early when I happened to glance at my watch and saw that it was 1am. I said I still felt very energetic despite the time! But from about 2am, I started to get drowsy - I had all of one drink. The 10hours of work finally caught up.. YX, Moh and I left shortly after that.

With all the guys buying drinks for Na, I didn't. Hey, let's do dinner one day! Moh said he would come along too for your birthday treat!

On the way out, SF called me to rejoin her. She had this friend with her she thought I should meet. But I was so tired! New guy vs. bed, I chose the latter :p

Back at 3am, slept by 320am. They were rather noisy in the morning and I woke to find it was only 7+! Rather pissed.. Tried to go back to dreamland but the damned birds started chirping very VERY loudly! Complained to Meh, got some much needed tlc, happier :)

Even happier when I looked at the souvenirs Na got me from Hokkaido. Thanks, I like very much! Think I may be distributing cat-shaped chocolates very soon :) Though it was a bit strange; I didn't get her any birthday present but received souvenirs instead :p Nvm, birthday treat, birthday treat!

Was watching episode #3 of Long Vacation - the first two happened about a year ago! - when LH told me she was in office and said I didn't have to go back. Apparently our boss sms her at midnight last night. Hmmm, that was after I told him I would deal with work after my hangover..! But I went back anyway, brought some stuff over, cleared some little things..

Met Kel and Moh for lunch at J8. Told them my first driving lesson was tomorrow and tried to explain the principles of the clutch, which Dan taught me on Wed, but my articulation was horrible! Thank goodness I'm not a teacher..

Learnt a sad truth.. It must be more than a year ago when I happened to have tea with Kel and his (much younger) army friends. Kel blurted out today that they commented I HAD FAT THIGHS! Think I was wearing a denim skirt that day.. Sob sob.. Wish you had continued to hide it from me!!! =(

We sat at Ah Mei for a long while after that, slacking the pm away with tea. Moh was playing Bounce on the phone. Watched a bit cos I had never gone through the 3rd stage! Then Kel pointed out a poster of a huge egg and we turned geeky (again)..

mf: That's magnified 300 times.. No, maybe 200..
Moh: *measuring, estimating* Radius of some 18 eggs, close to 400 times!
Kel: And there are gaps in between eggs..

Then we realised it should be ~pi r squared cos it was an egg afterall.. Eh, complicated..

Kel (physics): I'll use a grid lor..
Moh (eh.. complicated!): I'll fold the big egg into quarters, easier to estimate then multiply by four!
mf (mf-ised maths ie not very rigorously applied!): *slack* I'll just do a rough estimate like we did earlier.. If YX (comp science) is around, he may automate this with some programme, maybe iteration or what..

Think I'm getting old, feeling very tired now.. Need to make up for sleep.. Will wake early to jog tomorrow! Must work off the bad jiggling bits!

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