Thursday, 13 July 2006

Needs vs. wants

For my farewell gift..

LH: What do you want but have not gotten? Will get for you if within budget..
mf: A white or bright yellow bath towel..? *since you can't get a man off a shelve! - no I didn't say that, just in my mind*
LH: Towel?! Are you sure?!

I realise I have a lot of needs eg I need my own room and related, I need a miraculous cure for my nose, I need to know the reason for my existence. But when it comes to wants, there's nothing I really really want.. Or maybe, there's nothing I really want that people can get for me.. Eg I want to eat chocolates and cashew nuts without getting fat?


  1. uh.. yea I also want to eat chocs without getting fat... if only the choc can go somewhere out of my body once it passes my mouth..

    well I 'want' job now... getting a job is still want cz I dun have to have a fulltime job as Im a student now, but once I graduate, I need job.. If I dun have a job then I cant get enough chocz to live!

  2. Farewell gift? You leaving your current job?



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