Sunday, 2 July 2006


He's my favourite superhero :) Grew up watching Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, stamping my foot every time Clark couldn't tell Lois his identity, every time Lois felt caught between the two men who were in fact one and the same.. Oops, seems like I cared more for the romantic plot than the action? Heh..

Latest Superman is super yummy.. But he can't beat the cuteness of little Jason who turns out to be Superboy! He has the sweetest eyes ^.^

Anyway, thanks to all who wished me well - I've passed my basic theory!! Might be a marginal pass cos I had some 4-5 questions I wasn't sure of but well, it's a pass! Also got my provisional driving licence and contacted friend's father for driving instruction. It's a matter of starting now :)

Attended KH's wedding yesterday. Bumped into WL who turned out to be the bride's cousin, and Moh who was part of the sword party, plus saw a number of familiar faces, excluding my group of course. It was really the full works man, with cocktails, ROM and vows, photo montage, video of morning proceedings, speech etc.. Had a good time catching up with the people. Learnt about the reason for BH's accident that destroyed his car - he was filming a school video in which he was supposed to crash and die, but somehow he really crashed! Very happy evening except that my stomach wasn't too well, gastric pain lasted for hours until I slept.

Thought the wedding was really sweet, the part where the father gave his daughter away. I don't see the need for the full works but I would love to have a doting father to give me away. Unfortunately, I have no such privilege. Any of my uncles would probably be willing to do it, but kind of odd since all of them have daughters anyway. How about my friends? Shit, I would need to choose one! .. To be fair, I have a fantastic idea! Kel, YX, Sito and Hup can flank me on four sides, then Tok could give me away since he's my "papa" since so long ago! Yeah! Problem solved! :) Heh, quite funny if that really happens :p To make it even better, I shall skip the usual sickness and health wedding vows for:

mf: You can turn bald, you can become a grouchy ah peh and have your Tiger with one hairy leg on the chair, but I'm sticking with you!
The Mister: You can add 50 pounds, you can turn naggy like an auntie and keep your hanky under your bra strap, but I'll grow old with you!

Wa liao, what a picture :p

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  1. You passed??!! Yay! I told you, you didn't need luck ;)

    About Superman, I prefer Spiderman or Batman o Colossus. Colossus is the best! :D


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