Saturday, 22 July 2006

Hey you look like..

Some years back, was in Berlin or Munich with WX and her friends. One of them showed me a photo taken at a house party. I was smiling at the camera but hey, wait a minute, I didn't know any of the other people in the photo! It was a bit freakish to see such striking resemblance..

When ZF first came in, she said I looked like her senior. Then the new chap in office said I looked and sounded like his schoolmate.

Is this a DA ZHONG LIAN??


Thought the two new guys in office looked and sounded very much like a long lost friend whom I mugged for "A" levels with, and Ultimo.

Maybe, despite the long DNA chain, there are only that many combinations and people inevitably look alike? That's why siblings, who naturally share many same genes, look alike, somewhat.. Tian, for example, looks like Ling very very much, some 11 years apart. But of course there are exceptions: MZ and me!

Anyway.. Nice hairstyle right? :) Took it a while ago in my office. And earlier this morning after a nice jog - clocked a good one! -, I found myself starring into a very red mf in the mirror..

No, I don't have high blood pressure. In fact, I'm slightly anaemic..
(For the sceptic, that's also proof that I DO jog! :p)

And since we're at pictures...

The concrete slab turned out to be for the ground floor! The next should reach my floor, very happy :)


  1. hey,i see ur new room liao, yes, it is big, much bigger than mine, good good.....more space to plan huh....

  2. mf near! i haven't seen you so big!! nice office, some windows would be better, but well...

  3. WTH, i should start jogging too. If you jog around the area, i think i have to seriously consider joining in. But i am darn slow one hor.

  4. hey, yy here, is short hair a trend now in singapore?


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