Monday, 10 July 2006

I had a very good sleep!

Yes, I slept right through WC finals cos I bunked over with Grams and Aunt! Smart right? :p But I'm not living in some cave; I know Italy won and Zidane kena for his head incident with, can't spell!

Kept waking up in the middle of the night in the past month cos they were always noisy watching WC. Last night I only woke once cos my hand touched something warm.. Was a little conscious that Aunt was beside me; it was some time since I last shared a bed, discounting Meh et al. Hope I didn't kick her or something! You see, Meh never complains if I kick her (seldom), and Eeyore never scolds me for using him as a pillow (sometimes)

Aunt is on pm shift today but both she and Grams woke early and fussed all over me. Aunt bought chicken pie last night - I warmed that up. Grams asked her usual "you want beelok?" Milo la, so doting, right? :) And when I left for office, I turned back and saw Aunt standing at the window smiling and waving goodbye. Ahhh.. It's going to be a nice week :)

(pink for the warm fuzzy feeling..)

Actually motivation for the stayover was that I wanted to stay for dinner and watch Pirates of the Caribbean on TV but that was 630-930pm so it would be quite late by the time I got back - like to rest early in Sundays. Might as well stay! Brought some beer to drink with Aunt over groundnuts too :p

Now going back to Sunday morning, my first driving lesson.. Drove to Ubi at a snail crawl, never going above 50kmh :p Despite my spider legs and hands when changing gear etc, and the stupid rain freaking me out, I thought I did not bad la :) Kel/Moh was telling me to mentally record the number of times I stalled: ~5, max..

Wore my new dance shoes for class. Have a total of five pairs, of which two are latin and four from Supadance. I could have had another Bali vacation with that money.. Anyway, Shifu approved my dress for the compeition. Think I'll wear it to dance next Sunday just to make sure I can move in it for all four dances.

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  1. heeee are u officially moving over liao????


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