Monday, 24 July 2006


Mother brought a few sets of VCD back yesterday. Korean dramas. I don't like them much:
1) Too heavy for my liking, too much crying..
2) In fact, the leads tend to be unbelievably suay in love and in health; I don't want to see people die of leukemia AGAIN..
3) What's this thing with wealthy families?!
4) Can't stand the cu1 lu3 girls whose "friendly" punches don't look too friendly..
5) Or the big glaring (surgeoned) eyes of the evil sister!

I prefer the similarly fairy tale-like but brighter and happier Jap dramas involving ordinary people - no rich dad, no evil sister -, especially those older ones like Long Vacation. If anyone remembers, I was asking around for LV some two years ago. Then I finally found the VCD set when I went to Malacca half a year later.

LV is my all-time favourite! I first watched it in 2000 in my little room, laughing and crying by myself. I also got my hands on many of the very very nice soundtrack songs, which I listened to over and over again.

Recently, I was watching the 3rd episode on my own again, laughing again, the crying part was still far. Then I heard this tune. I don't have that tune, I'm sure. I've decided that I now want the whole soundtrack. Checked with the music stores - they don't hold it anymore; one even told me they tried ordering but couldn't get any..

Then my luck star shone on me - KKP found the complete box set in Malacca!! Thank you so much!! :) The CDs are with me now. There are lyrics, and even piano scores for the instrumental pieces and Sena's winning competition piece! Very happy :) I'm going to listen to them tonight! :)

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