Monday, 3 July 2006


We did it again, CY and I. Every time we go out, we lick our (many) plates clean.. But that's one thing I like about hanging out with her - besides being such great company, she eats a lot too so I don't feel too bad gorging myself silly! I'm often conscious of looking like a gigantess walking among many tiny and/or thin friends; I don't need to feel like one when I see them picking at their dinner.

So, what did we have? Full main course and sinful dessert at Bakerzin - Hup (and Sito and CW, who were all shopping for the second consecutive day) saw me at the cake counter, rang immediately, "No cake! No cake!" But.. :p Then we proceeded to the food festival outside Taka and had, among us, kong bah pau, deep-fried vege pancake, chicken sticks, and peanut butter pancake!

Side story.. There was an Indian guy checking out the vege pancake (deep-fried, very good! Wa..) stall. Earlier in the afternoon, Sito was talking about speaking to strangers and I saw him talk to his #4 of the day. I decided to chat up that guy, and it was a spectacular success! Encouraged, I've decided do so more often to hone my comms skills - useful to be able to talk to all kinds of people besides aunties with babies :p

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  1. PONG,let's do it again when i come back frm BKK....haha...unhealthy indulgence is sinful yet felt so xin fu hahaa........


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