Saturday, 29 July 2006

A simple day

CY is playing with my Dopod while I'm on her comp. We just cooked some spaghetti for lunch. Um, to be more accurate, it was a lot of spaghetti, with crab sticks, hotdog and tomatoes :p We took some photos but no time to upload yet; we're just slacking now!

I've decided, I'm not going out tonight anymore, no party, no dressing up, just enjoying some peace and generally relaxing, ahhh... And I should iron my clothes too :p

简单生活! :)

PS: 谢谢你毛毛兔,这个下午真好玩 | Thank you, Furry Bunny, for a wonderful afternoon.

1 comment:

  1. suddenly tot of gigi song haha 简单生活 歌词

    没有人来唠叨 没人操心 说走就走 唉呦
    随我高兴就是种快乐 啊哈

    把行李变成面包 头发乱糟糟
    整个屋子 东西不收 都不出门口
    天哪 偶尔放肆一下真快活 (我只要过简单的生活)

    但是 生命其实就像一幅拼图游戏 收集美丽回忆
    淋雨就淋雨 困了就赖皮 才像自己 啊哈

    一无所有是否轻松 如果真有一天
    放掉一切 什么都没有 会不会更快乐

    找个人爱了 有没有错 呦呵


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