Monday, 17 July 2006

Food food food

Last night, Kel and Moh bought some snacks while I grabbed some apples and a sparkling new fruit knife from NTUC. Checking out my new knife later at MOS..

Kel: You don't like to sit on the bench, right? So we move in and let you sit on the chair.. ... Wouldn't you be so kind as to help me get one more pot of milk? *doe-eyed*
mf: *omg* ok, ok..

Then I stood up with the knife in my hands..

Kel: *gasp* It's ok if they refuse!!

I tasted the milk; it was actually half cream, which reminded me of this guy in my MSc class who drank single/double cream NEAT! Yeeks...

The upgrading works should reach the interior very soon, which means I'll be moving in with Grams very soon too. But pls don't forget me when I leave Tomato Town! We can still hang out eg at the nice cozy Macs near my Grams. Or the MOS in the town centre too - with milkshake! Ah, nice to have good friends staying nearby :)

Rewinding a bit to Sat.. Checked out this Sun with Moon Japanese restaurant with Sito and Hup. We were there at 6pm.. It was only the tea menu cos dinner was only served from 630pm.

mf: I'll like the mini tori kamameshi *from tea menu*
Waitress: No more; kitchen is preparing the dinner menu now..
Us: Let's order proper dinner then..
Waitress: You can't; we only start at 630pm.

Which begged the question: what do you serve during 6-630pm?!

Left the boys and headed for SF's house party, which was great fun despite me taking some time (and some red) to warm up to her bunch of some really funny friends and get used to their hilarious (bi-syllabic - only) language. Quite different from my usual, perhaps cos this was an, um, a more mature group? :p

Heard about the latest spectacular success of SF's "CCA" - these two got together within a week of knowing each other. Hey, you can spin your matchmaking skills into a lucrative business man! But for one particular client called mf, it's much harder work, heh!

Apparently, I drank a lot - only I had a red and I saw SF pour the last drop of the bottle into my glass.. But I wasn't even tipsy at the end of the night with additional JD at Bar None.. Bad sign - I've got too much fats =(

KLK's house parties had been comparatively sedate, just (a lot a lot of) food and games (including make-up!) and KLK talk and (more) food, no/minimal booze.. Plus, my eyes will surely pop if any one of you asks about my wildest orgasm, not cos of the question but cos it's KLK! Still, I'm keen for a KLK get-together around Xmas - waiting for someone to offer their kitchen now :)

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