Friday, 14 July 2006

Very happy leh!

Left office at 615pm yesterday - early early! :) - and went for a jog! :) Um, actually, a brisk walk.. I decided after just one min that I was too tired to do that much work against gravity..

But I took a longer route to make up for it. Mistake. It grew darker and I couldn't really recognise the park at night. Walked into a HDB estate when I missed a turn :p Nvm, turned back into the park after a few blocks..

Also controlled my breathing using what I learnt in pilates last time, keeping tummy in at all time. Plus I was consciously using my standing foot to propel every step forward, training for dancing..

Worked out a really good sweat in that hour. Think my butt and legs will be aching very much by end of today - I like :)

On the way back, I saw two very cute cats. Ok, maybe they were not very cute but it was the way they were crouching in the grass, without "talking" to each other, just enjoying each other's silent company. I told them I thought they were very cute :)

Was removing my socks when I heard a commotion in the kitchen. Apparently, YQ lost two fish. The tank was covered by mesh so they couldn't have jumped out. But they were too big for the third fish - only twice the size - to eat! Still, they couldn't find a trace of the fish.. Feeling rather disgusted cos I was trying to have my dinner during the futile search and discussion about possibly dead (eaten) fish.. Still, I was rather..amused..

It was a good day. Happy :) Go count the number of :) and be happy with me :)

1 comment:

  1. A lot of them :)

    Hey, it's always nice to sweat a little doing exercise. You end up feeling very well ;)


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