Saturday, 15 July 2006

Dancing tofu, wobbly tofu

New term: shabu shabu - the sound of thin slices of beef swishing in hot broth

Was at Waraku with Na yesterday..

Na: Put those difficult to cook stuff first..
mf: This is hard.. *poke poke* Radish? .. What is this?
Waitress: Radish..

Ok, put them in.. 5min later, our radish looked swollen.. I took one. Didn't feel like a radish.. Turned out to be a rice cake *.*

Word du jour: nira - Japanese for leek

I stupidly put udon in my mouth right after taking it out of the soup. Couldn't close my mouth. Soup dripped out.. Then, I spit out some food cos it was too hot.. Was it the same incident? Can't remember.. :p

The soup turned so thick that when I mixed it with some green tea (:p) the taste of the latter was totally eliminated by the soup. Think we OD on sodium..

Dessert included frozen strawberries and a ball of choco gelato. Cut gelato into wedges and stuck one into mouth - brain freeze *.* Na dumped one strawberry in her mouth and tried to show me the condensation.. My turn to eat strawberry whole..and I spit it out - too cold and I couldn't bite into the round thing!

So poor Na had to watch me spit food twice - yeeks :p Nvm, get used to it if we're going to share a place! Oh, we'll get the necessary pots etc to do our own shabu set :)

Amid all the funny incidents with food, we had a really nice chat. Ohisashiburi ne! :) Think the last few times we met, we were either at some nightspot or with the rest of KLK - difficult to talk.. We should chill like this more often.. Eh, you move to Tomato Town la! :p

Met Siok this am to pass her guide book on central Europe. Heard a shocking news that she has been posted to another division! So sudden =( Hey, have a good trip and see you in a month's time!

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  1. What would your mother say about all this spitting out of food? ;-)


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