Wednesday, 9 November 2011

拈花惹草 - literally

The girls went on an excursion to the Chicago Botanic Garden!

It was a pretty nice drive. At one stretch, we saw nice houses. In fact, "nice" is an understatement. Some of them look like castles!

Lovely fall colours on the way up - preview for the botanic garden?

I have a brown thumb. I'm not a fan of plants. But I took a lot of pictures that day. Things just looked so tranquil, like what greeted us as we walked through the reception:

They even have a bonsai garden! The little sparrow posed for me :)

But the main purpose of this trip was a fibre - well, they spelt it fiber :p - art show where our cooking class teacher was exhibiting an embroidered apron. But this is my fave apron that day:

With the above detours, we missed getting seats for a fashion show showcasing handmade shawls and cardigans and aprons. So we hung around outside the auditorium waiting for the models to walk by - some of them did. But the greatest find was this cute little statue - a little mermaid!

What is the little mermaid looking at? A shell! :)

We left for the outdoors. It was a little cold - by Chicago standards; it's freaking cold by Sg standards! - but it was a beautiful day!

Somehow, I was rather taken with this scene, with bits of bright blue sky peering through the yellow leaves:

And this was fun! I took a quite shot and stepped away - brown thumb, remember? Better not get too close :p But they were trying to capture the pretty flowers for quite a few minutes!

Pretty willow tree, with the sun shining through thousands of tiny gaps:

Pretty and pink! But I had wanted to focus on the brown bit in the middle - see that? It's the underside of a spider! Yucky but I couldn't help it :p

M's sharp eyes caught sight of this - check out the "disco voodoo lily"!

Then we found gigantic pumpkins! 150-200 pounds each!

My Pinky II camera didn't do this scene justice.. It was brighter than this. The geese were taking off from the pond!

Tired and hungry, we headed for lunch at Walker Bros - look at my yummy lunch! Chicken crepe with chipotle sauce, served with potato cakes and two huge servings of applesauce and sour cream!

Four happy girls :)

It was so satisfying....

And shortly after, it was the Asian Food Festival in school. This year, the Singapore stall expanded to include Malaysia and Indonesia, and the food was good and cheap from a Malay auntie in the area! Plenty of other yummy food too but I could hardly eat :( Only pinched a little from Sito's plates.... But managed to da bao some curry puffs and agar agar :)

Then, food again! We were supposed to have dinner with some Singaporeans (and associates!) but we were late due to the school event.. Just as well since we weren't hungry anymore! They were having a BBQ - gotta wear coats to grill the stuff on the balcony! The highlight of the night, however, was me winning a board game, heh heh :p So this guy developed a board game called Dash - not on the market yet but it was quite fun!

These are the game tokens - I played the haughty 红头巾, alongside a Chinese High boy, PCK and I can't remember the other two...

And my favourite picture - guess what the thief has stolen?

Ang ku kueh!!!

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