Friday, 11 November 2011

Eat and shop and eat again!

As mentioned, our hotpot dinner :)

The potstickers saved Sito from starving as we waited for the stock to boil. After taking the photo, we had the great idea of adding crab sticks to our oden selection :p

Think two of us finished three quarters of that plate...! It was so shiok to have hotpot in this weather!

And I had an idea to start yet another blog today - a food blog!

Nah, I'm not going to start taking photos of food with a mighty DSLR camera, or become yet another food critic. I just want a place to sort out my recipes, currently in quite a mess in my Mac.. If you want to try some of my recipes, check out "mf's eats":

Anyway, the TG this week was the marketing TG.

I wasn't here last year when Sito "bought" loads of snacks, kitchen towels, wet wipes, ziplock bags and washing liquid. Sounds good right? This year, both of us had "money"! But we didn't get a huge variety of stuff. We were only interested in practical stuff like tissue and clorox wipes. So we got those. Lots of those! And toothpaste - now we have five tubes for eight months here!! Got some candies with "loose change".

And since I'm going anti-chronologically... I went for my second cooking class this morning. It was a thanksgiving menu today. Check out my roast chicken, mashed potato, sweet potatoes and apples, bread stuffing and pearl onions! Oh, and the token vege, broccoli :p

Then dessert was pumpkin pie. I was sooooo full I couldn't sit upright, jeans were in the way :p And I didn't even have seconds!

At the class, I felt really inspired to buy a roasting rack. Just found one on Amazon. Going to buy it! :)

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