Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Ok, posting is quite late cos I just uploaded my photos :)

There was a Halloween do at McManus on Sunday, 30 October. From 6 pm, the kids went trick-or-treating in the building. I could hear giggling from outside :)

Went down at 8 pm to watch the pumpkin carving competition. Didn't stay to the end but I found these in the lounge the next day..

Franky, you look cross :p

This is my favourite!

I got to carry S for the first time! And she was in a bee costume - super cute! And soft at six weeks!

Psst: That was also a feeble attempt at dressing up - as Little Red Riding Hood!! Got "I ♥ Sg" some more *.*

And here's the reason I didn't stay to the end - went up to heat up dinner for Sito, who came home from the fateful interview that gave him a job in Sg. So handsome! So charming! Oh my husband :)

We had wanted to get costumes but he got a call for the Sunday interview so no mood for anything else already. Last year, we didn't do anything too. But we sure had fun!


Stole the head from our friends - presenting, Beauty and the Beast! With the peasants :p

And since I'm posting old photos, these are from 2004!


Ok, less scary - with Na the gypsy, XY the house pet..

.. and Sito the zombie, no less!

But we were just novices playing with makeup compared to this serpent man! Yup, he was holding a snake protruding from a strategic part of his costume!

Did it again in 2005 but I posted - my friends all came with better costumes :)

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