Sunday, 6 November 2011

Musings on a home alone Sunday afternoon

Winter is surely coming but its arrival has been hastened - by an hour - with the end of daylight savings. It's only 2.33 pm but it feels like 5 pm! Three more hours before Sito returns from a workshop in school..

I've recently changed my seat from facing the window to next to the wall adjacent to the window so that we can keep the window slightly ajar and not freeze my nose off, although my right hand is now quite cold *.* Putting the cup of hot jasmine green tea between the window and me doesn't help, heh!

So my view of the outside has changed a little - now I see the backside of our aircon unit! But I also get to see Sito at his desk even out of the corner of my eye :) I used to sit with my back towards him.

Anyway, one third of the trees outside are now bald, and the rest are gently shedding their yellow or orange leaves. There's a cold breeze right now but I think the weather is already rather kind today. I went out this morning to get milk and it felt very good - cool and dry.

For the past five hours, I have been doing two main things. Spent some time looking at housing policies and prices in Singapore since we're going back (yeah yeah!) and need another apartment to accommodate either us or my in-laws. Our little flat won't take all six of us! I have an idea that I'll discuss with Sito later..

I'm also researching for our thanksgiving trip - taking a break to blog now :p I'm going to propose going to Milwaukee. Will send Sito an email for, um, for his consideration, pls..!! I bet he'll first have verbal queries, then after verbal clarifications from me, he'll reply the email with "Approved." - haha! Ok, this is our little joke of our old work...

Will be back soon to post some photos from the past week!

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