Monday, 28 November 2016

Little Yu is growing up!

Last Monday night, i.e. the very day he turned botak, we moved Yu to his own bed. It's actually a cot mattress on a playmat on the floor right next to our bed. I had to shift our bed a little to accomodate it.

All twisted to the side in the morning

That first night, he woke hourly - I saw the clock at 1 plus, 2 plus, 3 plus, 4 plus, 5 plus and finally six plus before I got up for good. And every time he woke, I nursed him. So I broke out the pacifier on his second night. I spent time putting the pacifier back and he still woke hourly but we went a couple of times without nursing to sleep.

Pacifier face

Within the past week, he woke less. Some nights, I didn't see 2 plus and 5 plus, or 1 plus and 4 plus. I seem to be living by the clock numbers these days - how long does he nap/sleep, when was his last feed, is it time to change his diaper though there's no poop...

Then I found that there were times when I could just place him on the bed and he would settle to sleep on his own! Last Saturday, I was watching Harry Potter on TV when he cried. I went in to settle him and just sat at the foot of the bed - um, no other space actually! - to watch the TV visible through the ajar door while he moved his little fists about until he knocked himself out. This is undoubtedly a big achievement unlocked all by himself for his mama :)

But it doesn't work every time. Sometimes, he wants to nurse; sometimes, he is too tired; most times, he has gas and/or poop. But I don't mind. We got our bed back. He is still near enough for me to get to him quickly.

At some point, however, we'll have to transit him to the kids' room so that we can reclaim our room and the lamp in it! While Kai probably won't disturb Yu too much, like he didn't disturb Yang when Yang moved into the room, I can't say the same for Yang, who is more active and unpredictable. To be safe, we'll let Yang grow a few more months and let Yu add a few more kilos before we let them sleep together...

Where's my baby's neck?!

Taller than the Devastator! Unless its gun is raised...

Though Yu is visibly growing, as in we find him looking bigger every few days, he still has tummy issues coz he's so gassy! This morning, he pooped on the changing table and I saw bubbles coming out with some poop, which, btw, was just before his projectile poop on my pants... (Then he pee onto a fresh diaper and wetting the sides - gotta change again!) I found an online tutorial on massaging a gassy baby and it has been useful! Rub thumbs to the sides from belly button, "I Love You" around the belly button, three fingers walking across the belly and rubbing any hard spots found. When baby gets cranky, hold the knees to the belly for 30 seconds. The key is to apply enough pressure.

Besides growing physically, he is also taking in more sights and sounds and saying more things. It's fun to talk to him, make movements with my hands, make facial expressions, and wait for him to respond with a smile or a "hur" or a punch or kick.

Finally spent more than five minutes on the baby gym looking around without fussing!

Looking at my hand movements above

In other news, I feel super auntie rocking the bouncer on Sunday

Oh wait, I AM an auntie! :p

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