Monday, 14 November 2016

Where have we been?

Well, it's not as if I hadn't gone out with Yu in his first month. I had, but only when necessary. I didn't go out otherwise coz I was plain lazy *.* And I find it more tiring this time - perhaps it's age, perhaps it's three kids...

So I was pretty excited to head out after the end of tingkat! I need lunch somehow right? I do have a stash of food to cook if it rains (or when I feel lazy!) but else, let's eat out!

But first things first. I desperately needed a pedicure... My toe nails are quite brittle so I prefer them done professionally. And it doesn't hurt if they look nice :)

My standard colour for childbirth :p

Sito: Are you bringing Yu?
mf: Yup!
Sito: Aren't the fumes bad for him?
mf: Oh, this place doesn't stink coz they don't do acrylic.. Or whatever that causes that smell.
Sito: Ok...

But wait - I also brought Yang out for my pedicures but you never asked??! Considering how Yu would sleep in his arms, I think this boy is a papa's boy :)

Anyway, so, pedicure! Chose a lollipop peach colour this time and headed off for nasi lemak. What an exciting choice for lunch after 28 days of tingkat rice! But I had a revelation the other day - I didn't lose weight / put on weight with Yang coz I continued to have big meals after I stopped breastfeeding. The tingkat meals were HUGE. I think I would need to gradually cut down on meal size... Hence, let's start with rice :)

Mama is preparing to feed me yummy lemak!

I had wanted to go further out but got lazy... But I didn't want to go home so soon as N was cleaning the house. So I went to check out beauty products at Sasa - didn't buy a thing - and ended up at Starbucks for a cuppa - my standard decaf java chip light. Sipping coffee while reading (ebook) 是人生一大享受!That is, until the boy started to wake up..

So I left and checked out toiletries and groceries before deciding that it was the wrong day to buy shampoo as I was carrying my big going-out bag instead of my tiny go-downstairs bag. So I went home.

Kind of lame now that I'm thinking and writing about my first "excursion" but more was to come!

Friday was Yu's vaccination day. He weighed in at 4.68 kg! My chubby baby!! ^.^ And I weighed in at 70 kg - so chubby too *.*

This was his first time with our regular PD so I updated him on his birth etc and he checked his heart again - triple confirmed no murmur! Everything else was, as usual, fine, which is good!

Also asked the PD about meningococcal vaccination. The available vaccine is for serogroups A, C, Y and W only, not B though that is available in some other countries. Apparently, it's new so not brought in yet. And while the disease is rare, A and C are the main causes when it happens so it's good to guard against it. Alright, doc, Kai will join Yu on his next vaccination day! Discussed with Sito that we'll wait until Yang is older before subjecting him to non-mandatory vaccination due to his febrile fits...

Took a cab back for lunch at Buona Vista and took the train back to Holland Village - time to do banking! Opened an account for Yu to deposit all his angbao money - that's your seed fund for whatever exciting venture you're up to next time, baby!

And today, I went to Daiso to pick up some cleaning materials before my first gynae visit after discharge from hospital. Brought Yu and N along - no choice coz Yu rejected the bottle twice - chilled and fresh - after that first success with frozen milk.. He did a big one at the clinic *.* But the nurses were very nice and let me change him on the sofa and stay on to feed him.

Anyway, no scan was done, just a PAP smear and a few presses on the wound. He ordered a comprehensive PAP test - never heard of it before, and so ex! Point is to vaccinate me against HPV if I'm clear. Given my history, better do it la, off label or not... Oh, and I weighed in at 69 kg - one down! Never mind that it's a different machine :p

Shared a set meal at the Soup Spoon with N and came home. Yu was fussing a lot and refused to be put down for his nap. In the end, I slid down while holding him and managed to nap with him for an hour. When he fussed again, I thought he wanted milk but he just happened to wake and still wanted to sleep. We tried a few positions but none that I could nap as well, sighs... And that was it until evening time when he miraculously napped through his brothers' noisy dinner and shower time!

He woke at 8 pm but slept again in Sito's arms while I was settling Kai in bed. Sito and I had a "fun" time putting him down on the bed... But there he is now, and here I am :)

So what's next.... I'll meet Yang's teacher tomorrow coz they couldn't give me a slot adjacent to Kai's on Saturday. My first RedMart delivery will arrive tomorrow too! Ok, that's no excursion... Be heading to Tiong Bahru Plaza on Thursday to shop and meet colleagues for lunch. Looking forward to Friday - Sito's birthday!

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