Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The expendables - cord stump, hair and cradle cap

Yu's cradle cap came out in full force the week following his full month.

My baby has become 白眉 黄眉 *.*

It started showing at his right earlobe perhaps two weeks back and then on his eyebrows and scalp. I bought some Detinox but it only succeeded in making the thing flake off bit by bit. It wasn't until we shaved him that I realised that I could massage in the shampoo and rub the thing off with his wash cloth! I put some on his eyebrows and rubbed off with a cotton bud. So now, two days after shaving, we're left with only a bit on his left earlobe, eyebrows and random parts of his scalp.

At first I thought the cradle cap on his scalp was localised towards the top only but nope, it was just like Kai and Yang - from front to near back of the head. Yang might not have it on his eyebrows, or had very little of it.

In any case, I don't like cradle cap!! It's nothing harmful but it makes the head smell oily. And all that flaking!! I kept finding flakes on his eyelashes and face when he was 黄眉...

Shaved on 21 November - the shaver took off some of his cradle cap too..

He uttered his first three-syllabic word sound that day right after pooping! 舒服噻 or what have you done to me?!

A ring of less hairy spot, just like Kai

I kept most of his hair and gave a small bit along with his cord stump to the lady to make his name stamp. He looks quite different with no hair! His brothers noticed it too and touched his head - all spiky!

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