Monday, 28 November 2016

Another A&E trip!

This time, it is to the adult A&E.

Sito came home to poop around lunch time on Thursday. He didn't manage to grab lunch on the way because, well, diarrhoea. Mid afternoon, I was in the room with Yu when he came in to say that he was feeling weak from hunger. I told him to go eat something.

A while later, I heard him open the door clumsily, way louder than usual. Then N called me to the living room. Apparently Sito called me but I didn't hear. I was shocked to find him lying on the sofa looking horrid! His hand was on his torso and at first I thought he was having a heart attack! But he said through gasps - he was breathing hard to control the pain - that it was his stomach.

This was unlike that time Yang had a fit in my arms. This was more like the time I heard Yang was on the way to the hospital without knowing what had happened, i.e. it was downright scary!!

I called the ambulance and quickly got changed and instructed N to pack some clothes for Sito. I picked up the sleeping baby all ready to go with Sito to the hospital.

The ambulance was taking quite a while. A paramedic called to ask for details. Sito was lying on the floor by then though not breathing as hard. By the time the ambulance arrived, the pain was more manageable. Sito felt bad about calling the ambulance but I insisted he go to check things out properly. It's perfectly ok to go A&E for pains in the stomach!

I couldn't hear the conversation very well as I was sitting in front. But I guess the paramedics must have ascertained that there was no urgent medical need to send Sito straight to the doctor coz the ambulance dropped us at the walk-in door and a paramedic registered us and told us to wait to be called.

But it wasn't a long wait, thankfully. At triage, Sito had an ECG done. Then we were sent to wait outside room 2. Yu did a poop so I went to change him. By the time I was back, Sito was with the doctor but in another room. I was quite sian coz I wanted to make sure he told the doctor about all his pains - headache, neck, knee etc!

When he came out, he said that the doctor said it was probably reflux and the blood test would take two hours. Reflux? Yup, apparently it affects the very young and the ageing...

He told me to go home but I didn't want. I went with him when the doctor called him back and mentioned all these pains! Given family history, the doctor suggested that he be warded to do a cardiac enzyme test which would require blood tests every few hours over a 12-hour period.

With that, I felt assured enough to go. I had texted Mum to inform her earlier so that she wouldn't be scared if N didn't convey the situation properly. She came to the hospital after settling the two older boys and I went back with her, leaving Sito to wait for admission... Later, I found that his hospital stay was nowhere near my baby staycation at Gleneagles. It was in the A&E area, quite open, no TV, no wifi. My poor husband...

Sito's supper

We googled for reflux. Now we're staying away from late night suppers, big meals, reclining after meals. Sito is motivated coz he doesn't want to stay in hospital again! I'm motivated coz I don't want to be fat. Anyway, we ARE getting on age and should take better care of ourselves for the sake of our lovely boys if not for ourselves. The doctor has given Sito a letter to follow up at a polyclinic for cholesterol control. Looks like I might have to be more involved in our dinner preparation - today, N put together a sweet and sour sauce and poured it over sauteed egg tofu *.*

I think we have been on ambulances far too much and to A&E far too much as well for this year. So this morning, we went with Mum to 还太岁 - the temple sent us vague letters which we unknowingly threw away :p Hopefully, 明年会更好!

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