Thursday, 1 December 2016

Excursion to GBTB

This was Yang's first excursion. I was considering getting N to go with him but decided to do so myself after all - want to spend some time alone with my little boy :) Wait, not really alone, coz I brought Yu along - baby and food go places together!

He was all coy and smiley when I showed up in his classroom this morning. I sat and let him snuggle around at my knees :) One of his classmates started asking where his mummy was when he saw that, oops... About half his class didn't sign up for the excursion and they looked on as we left, some sadly... Guess it's hard when the school requires an adult to accompany PG kids...

Yeah, the bus is moving!

He let me hold his hand! :)

Yes, this mama is a sucker for my babies' affection... Yang was staring out of the window the whole time, looking at trees - there were many along the way! And when we passed by dense vegetation along the expressway:

Yang: Can go inside?
mf: No...
Yang: Why cannot?
mf: .... There is no road, you see...
Yang: The trees will spoil?
mf: Oh yes, they will be spoilt!
Yang: And they will cry?
mf: Oh yes, they will be sad and cry. We must protect trees, ok?
Yang: *nod nod*

I want to sit on the crocodile!

Why are you following the お姉ちゃん??

After some waiting, we finally got into the Flower Dome! But the organisation was kind of messy. Turned out that PG didn't have a guide so we were instructed to meet at a certain time. I had to tell the teachers to set the gathering point at the bottom exit instead of where we entered. Glad I'm a GBTB veteran!


So guai, sitting next to me watching wooden soldiers turn while Yu nursed :)

Oh, check out my new sling! It's a Caboo Dx which I got on Tuesday from Carousell. It's thicker than I expected and I realised I couldn't use the hammock without the covering pod, but the fabric is supposed to regulate heat such that it's 冬暖夏凉... Quite grateful for it as I could go totally handsfree - crucial for the excursion as I had to hold Yang's hand a lot and my bag in my other hand/arm.

They found that the Flower Dome was done faster than expected so they gathered the kids and guardians to go to the Cloud Forest earlier. As I was nursing, a teacher brought Yang away first. I quickly finished up and packed Yu back into the sling and went to find them.

But selfie first :p

And then I saw Kai at the exit - their class was having a pee break! And he had to move right as I snapped the pic of him and his closest friends!

What's with the fist??

Ok, getting familiar...

At least this time, he didn't obliterate his mama *.*

With Yang at the waterfall! I think he was in awe when he first saw it...

We were upstairs when Kai's class came in - can you spot Kai?

I climb!

I touch the water!

There were two or three tree top walkways and Yang would only walk on the boarded part. He did step on the grilles at first and then he stepped away saying he was scared. So cute :)

Somehow he turned and said bye bye to me...

Super cute pose!!

Snack time wefie!

PS: That's Kai at the background!

Guess which cheeky kid started the kids going round and round the poles???

We waited a long time for our bus. He got cranky when I was removing his jacket. Then he wanted to snuggle on my knees but Yu started to wake up and cry. Luckily, the bus came at that moment so we went up. More fussing about the seat belt. Then I took Yu out of the sling to nurse and asked Yang to prop his head on my arm.

Asleep in two seconds upon contact with my arm!

As it was raining, Mum came to get us for lunch so I didn't put Yu back in the sling. I handed him to her and went back to the bus to carry my sleeping Yang back to his classroom. And then he woke up and refused to let me go!

While he was having his milk, he let me go to the toilet - I really needed it! But then I decided to sneak off from there...unsuccessfully :( He discovered my stealth before I even got out of the door and even saw me as I passed by the windows. I left him crying :( I went to change Yu at the infant room before heading off for lunch with Mum.

Having his milk on his mattress

This evening, when he saw the picture of him drinking milk, he said something about me leaving :( I said sorry for leaving him for lunch. But my baby seemed to be very happy thinking about his excursion. We reviewed what we saw - crocodiles, ants, dinosaurs, a giant snail and of course the waterfall! :)

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